On art

In this section I share some of my current thoughts on art. Obviously some of the paintings in my Portfolio pre-date what I understand now about making art - which is sure to develop further as I continue my art journey.

I also give my tips on painting, as a longtime student of watercolour.

Insights on seeing an exhibition curated

An inside look at the decision-making process on how paintings are hung. ...more

Legacy - artists who inspire me

These are some of the artists whose work I look to again and again. ...more

Creative use of colour

How to make your colour more interesting ...more

How to learn watercolour, Part II

How to mix the colour you want. ...more

Artist's notes: 'Waterloo man' painting

Here is an insight into my artist's processes for this painting. ...more

Mindfulness for artists

A new field of learning that can be relevant to artists. ...more

How to learn watercolour, Part I

Some tips from a longtime watercolour student: Start by looking, and Tips on kit. ...more

Some of the big questions in art

Some thoughts on: what is art? who is an artist? what is success as an artist? ...more

Book I have found helpful

Some favourites from my library that have helped me on my art journey. ...more