I am a colourist who enjoys the watery flow and potential for loose paint application inherent in the watercolour medium. I also like the clean effect of colour against the white paper surface.

My compositions have a Zen-like simplicity that is not easy to achieve, being meticulously designed through careful observation and selection of detail.

My initial inspiration is usually strong shapes.

Painting at right: Pot with magenta door

- late June 2018: I have posted some new paintings under Current work and under Loosening up, and a new article for artists, Insights on seeing an exhibition curated.

- In March 2018 I had a painting exhibited in the RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2018, the annual open national/international competition run by UK's Royal Watercolour Society.

- In November 2017 I won the Aquarius Open Award at Guildford Art Society's Autumn Exhibition, Surrey.

- In October 2017 I won the Autumn Trophy at Woking Art Society's Autumn Exhibition, Surrey - best of 102 paintings.

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