My current work explores contemporary colour, through flowers or figures, in strong compositions that often feature the white of the paper.

Flowers and figures both have fascinating features and personalities to portray as a subject.

I am enjoying the quirks of smooth watercolour paper after years of working on cold press paper. Both bring unpredictable watercolour textures, but in different ways.

Painting this page: Pub lunch, Dublin

- March 2020: See my new review of a most unusual art book, A new dictionary of art, added as a postscript to my blog on 'Books I have found helpful'. I have also uploaded new work to my 'Current work' and 'Loosening up' galleries.

- November 2019: was lead curator, by invitation, for Guildford Art Society's highly successful Autumn exhibition, West Horsley Place, Surrey

- June 2019: had a painting selected for Chelsea Art Society's annual exhibition, London

- March 2018: had a painting exhibited in the RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2018, the annual open national/international competition run by UK's Royal Watercolour Society.

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